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A Cutting-Edge Combination

Secubit’s solution combines three integrated technological components: The revolutionary WeaponLogic Smart Counter, a powerful handheld Reader and a centralized Dashboard and analytics system. Together, they provide a comprehensive new analytical approach for effective weapon management and maintenance.

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The WeaponLogic Smart Counter

A patented satellite sensor that provides additional tagging of barrels, upper receiver groups, and additional accessories attached to the weapon. These passive tags are detected and scanned by the handheld WeaponLogic Reader. The reader contains the actual round counter while the passive satellite sensors detect the presence of the other components.

The WeaponLogic Reader

Counting gunshots alone does not help indicate weapon readiness. Counting rounds and rate of fire are only part of the equation. The handheld WeaponLogic Reader, together with the Dashboard software, collect each weapon’s data to provide a complete weapon and operator profile which significantly increases weapon performance, mitigating unnecessary component wear or replacement.

WeaponLogic Dashboard

The WeaponLogic Dashboard Software aggregates data from all WeaponLogic Readers and gives a friendly business intelligence view to the armorers for better asset management and maintenance.
This software is based on client-server architecture and can be deployed as a centralized or stand alone solution.

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